We are a fund the invest in startups in pre-seed stage. We try to be actively involved, believing that this can help improve a startup’s odds of success. Our domain includes SaaS, consumer Internet and other software ventures. Our initial investments are usually $100-500 thousand, and we can provide additional $3 million in follow-on investments.

Our key criteria:

  • Team: we typically invest in startups that have a founding team (as opposed to a single founder). We will invest in single founders in exceptional cases, and will expect to see a co-founder recruited within a quarter or so.
  • R&D capabilities: we expect the team to do a substantial part of development in-house and will typically not invest in startups that have no developers on the team, outsourcing all R&D.
  • Stage: we expect to see some product development already done by the founders prior to funding. Typically we will not invest in startups that have only a presentation.
  • Traction: market traction is not a mandatory requirement for our initial investment. We do expect to see initial traction using our initial investment funds, typically within 6 months, and this is our key criteria for providing follow-on investment.
  • Co-investors: we are ready to invest alone, provided that our initial investment can take the venture to initial traction. Obviously, we are happy to see additional investors.